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Send & Receive Email in Podio

Download the 🔌Browser Plugin to make sending emails even easier.

Sending directly from Podio

This opens the Composer Browser. Works on desktop and the mobile browser.

Composer Toolbar Explained...

From: The From Name and Email Address are pulled from the sending users Podio details.

  • From Name can be changed manually at any time.
  • From Address allows you to select other email addresses verified on your Podio User.
    The sending address will be remembered by default for future emails from this App.

To & CC: The first contact mapped will be set in the To: line, additional addresses will be in the CC:

  • Addresses are brought in from the mapped location. If no location is set, enter the name and email address of the recipient.
  • Suggested contact emails from the Podio Item will be available for choosing. Select +BCC to send a blind copy of the email to another recipient.

Subject: Can be set to use a single-line text field or a calculation field from the Podio Item.

---Original Message---: Can set to use a multi-line text field from the Podio Item.

  • Set this field from the Reply Links settings to set the field for the initial incoming message.

Message Body: The Formatting Toolbar allows some of the most common options for formatting

  • Select font, change the colors, as well as add images, hyperlinks, and more. Hover over the icon to get a small text description.

Special Use Icons:

  • 🖱️Insert Podio Fields to easily use data from the Items fields and the attached files. Files must be attached to the Podio Item from your computer, not a File Service.

Attach Files:

  • Drag and Drop attachments into the header to attach to the email or even inline within the message body. Files cannot exceed more than 20MB.

If you close the composer window before sending, a prompt should appear indicating that you may lose your changes. If the window is closed, a draft will be saved locally and retrieved when the composer is re-opened. To clear this draft, close the window again, without typing anything, and the message should start fresh next time.

Sending GlobiMail Campaigns

  1. Create a Podio View
  1. Create a Commercial Template under 📚Email Templates
  1. Send the template from the 📨Campaign Manager

Send Workflow Automated Emails

  1. Create a Template under 📚Email Templates
  1. Create a GlobiFlow in 🔁Podio Workflow Automation

The Sent Email

The email is Sent to the Contact and will appear as a Comment on the Podio Item. This Comment is cleansed of HTML and signatures.

Image shows comment display using the extension

Advanced options for the Apps' Email Comments are in 🎯Configuration Settings This includes the view of the Header and how Attachments are handled.

When the email is received by the recipient, the email will show From: your name however the address will be a mapped address for routing purposes. See 🗺️Email Address Mapping for more information on how this works.

To show the From: as your REAL address, set up 🚀Sending Domains from any verified email on your Podio account.

Receiving Replies

When the Contact sends back a Reply, another Comment is made on the Podio Item. The 🗺️Email Address Mapping is set by default.

When your user does an action on an item, Podio automatically follows the item. Then, when a comment is made, you get a notification. If you need more control, set up 🚗Automation Triggers on Incoming Emails and set a Reply Received category for easy filtering in a Podio View.

Default settings cleanse the comment of history and signatures. Change this in the App Settings per 🎯Configuration Settings

Files attached to the Email will be included in the Comment by default. Settings to turn off Comment Attachments and Add the File to the Item are also available.

Comment image is not using the extension

The Advanced option, Don't Email My Team, is ON by default. When selected, replies are not forwarded to the Inbox of 🗳️Team List members.
Use 📨Email Archive to keep a backup of emails in a central place.

Keep the conversation going...

Click the Reply Link at the bottom of the comment.

  • Forward the email to another recipient.

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