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Browser Plugin

The GlobiMail Browser Plug-in keeps things Simple!

Chrome Browser image

Open in: Specify if the Composer Browser opens in a New Tab (default) or a separate Popup Window

Send Delay: Set the delay to auto-close the Composer Browser Window after sending to 10 seconds, 5 seconds (default) or none

Use Podio Email Links: To email field links will open the Composer Browser rather than your mail client.

Once the Plug-in has been installed, send email from ANY Podio App Item with "one-click".

A new Email button is added at the top of the Activity on the Podio Item. Simply click this button to start the conversation.

This opens the Composer Window. See 📝Send & Receive Email in Podio for more on this page.

If the App was not previously connected, the system uses the users email to find an associated account on a 🗳️Team List, otherwise will create a new account. This App will not be mapped to any Contact field. Set these in the 🎯Configuration Settings. This will also sync all App Items to GM.

Easily click the @ symbol to copy the direct item address it to the clipboard. Use this when you need to forward an email directly to the Podio Item.

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