GlobiMail Help

Email Templates

Select either:

Once a New Template has been selected, the settings page is displayed.

Change the template to a Unique Template Name and choose the Podio App to send from. Even define default Email Subject as well as From Name and Address.

The Template Settings page has the information required to send using 🔁Citrix Workflow Integration

Use the browser plug-in to make this process easier.

Click the Save button and then Design Content

Commercial Templates

Select Change Design to choose a template or use the side options to design your own.

Select Merge Tags to add custom fields to collect data from the Podio item when sending.

The editor is provided by Unlayer and we are limited to the options they provide.

Transactional Templates

Currently sent from Citrix Podio Workflow Automation using the GM Action or Remote Post.

Similar to the Composer opened from Podio, these templates are used to auto generate recurring types of emails. For example, a simple thank you letter that is personally addressed to a contact.

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