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Email Templates

Select either:

Commercial Templates for bulk mailouts

These are detailed HTML templates sent to contacts who have signed up for the mailing list to advertise and promote a commercial product or service.

See more about 📟Spam & Marketing and creating an 📤OUTBOX - for Campaigns.
Find more tips under Campaign Emails with Merged Fields

Once a New Template is selected, the settings page is displayed.

Change the template to a Unique Template Name and choose the sending Podio App. Even define the default Email Subject as well as From Name and Address.

The Template Settings page has the information required to send using the Remote Post action in 🔁Podio Workflow Automation

Use the browser plug-in to connect to GlobiMail Templates directly from a workflow. See 🔁Podio Workflow Automation for steps on building the flow to send emails, add merge fields, and add attachments.

Click the Save button and then Design Content to create your template.

Commercial Templates

Select Change Design to choose a template or use the side options to design a template.

Remove any unsubscribe footer as GlobiMail will add this automatically when sending Commercial Templates. These templates are provided by Unlayer so we are limited to the options they supply.

Click Send Test to send the template to an external address to view the email in your Inbox.

Use Merge Tags to add custom fields to collect data from the Podio item when sending.

Use Tags in Text blocks. Insert where you want them to show in your template.

  • Podio Fields are available for templates designated to an App.
Only fields from Sending App Fields will be available.
  • Custom Tokens are used to collect data from ANY App and insert it into the action.

View the HTML source of the template (view only).

Transactional Templates

Transactional Emails are automated emails sent to a recipient based on events and interactions with your service rather than a marketing campaign.

Some examples of transactional emails are:

Send Transactional templates using 🔁Podio Workflow Automation.

To send template emails manually from the compose browser, use 📚Boilerplates

Like the above example, use Merge Tags to create custom merge tags and insert them using Personalize.

Similar to the Composer opened from Podio, these templates are for auto-generated recurring types of emails. For example, a simple thank you letter that is addressed directly to a contact.

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