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Sending Domains

Send emails directly FROM your company email address.

Available during the trial and on Premium and Elite plans.

Once configured, emails sent using GlobiMail will use the domain associated with the senders address, coming directly FROM: them. This improves deliverability and can be used with or without 🗺️Email Address Mapping.

See 📝Send & Receive Email in Podio for help with changing your FROM: address.

Select Add Domain

Add Domain Mapping

Log into your Email Host Control Panel

The SPF Record sends directly FROM your domain. The DKIM key will digitally sign the email and remove the "via:"

Check to PASS the Records

If you are having troubles getting your settings to PASS, try troubleshooting at

If you have problems with set-up, please contact your service directly or your network administrator.

Or try the Help Forums for your service provider, some are provided below.





Outlook Web Access (Exchange) - NOTE: use REDIRECT not FORWARD

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