GlobiMail Help

Podio Workflow Automation

Send Emails with Podio Workflow Automation while integrating GlobiMail for logging and tracking.

Be sure to be using the 🔌Browser Plugin for ease of adding Templates to your flow.

First - Create a template in 📚Email Templates

Then, open Podio Workflow Automation and create a new flow in the selected App.

For example, create a flow that triggers daily and sends emails to follow up after being left unanswered for six days

attach_pattern is a normal wildcard file match pattern (eg filename.pdf, or .pdf, or ., or fil.xl*, etc) attach_count is just the number of matching files to attach. In the above example, the first most recent pdf would be attached.

This is the finished flow for the example:

When the Flow action completes, the Email is passed to GlobiMail to complete the process. The Log Entry will show: Sent Email via GlobiMail to:

When using a configured 🚀Sending Domains, use a From Address (Reply-To Address) from this same domain. Be sure this From address is also on your 🗳️Team List

The email will be added as a comment on the item.

Add 🚗Automation Triggers to track email events like opened, bounced, etc.

View our 📤OUTBOX - for Campaigns example to see more of an example.

Silent outgoing comments, especially when sending larger campaigns to get your notifications from adding up. See 🎯Configuration Settings

The Send Email Action

If you are still using the Send Email action, be sure to check the GlobiMail checkbox. This selection is only available on Connected Apps and not the By Date or Day flows.

Select a From Name that the email will come FROM. The From Address (Reply-To) should be related to the GlobiMail account.

Replies must be set to Receive at Email Address - see: 🗺️Email Address Mapping

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