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Why am I not receiving replies in my Inbox?

By default, the advanced app option, Don't Email my Team, is enabled. This setting keeps you in Podio and not having to jump back and forth between screens. Turn this off under the 🎯Configuration Settings for the App under the Advanced tab.

Does GlobiMail integrate with my Gmail Inbox?

GlobiMail does not integrate directly with your Email Client. By default, we use πŸ—ΊοΈEmail Address Mapping to route emails sent from Podio back to their respective item. Emails received in your Inbox can be forwarded to an App either by using the direct item address or πŸ“ŸBCC Dropbox.

Why are my sent emails going to the customers' spam?

Emails sent from our service would come from our server and not have your digital signature. To improve your delivery rates, set up your πŸš€Sending Domains to use your SPF and DKIM records.

Why didn't my automation trigger?

Typically when an Automation doesn't trigger, it is because the πŸ—³οΈTeam List is not current. This list determines if an email is Internal or External.

Why is my compose link not working?

There could be a few causes for the compose link not to work. If you clone a connected App, the compose link field will also copy over. Delete this field from the App template. If you added a Unique ID to the App AFTER you connected the App in GlobiMail, this also causes the link to fail. A re-save of the App Template will fix this. Lastly, the 🏜️Reload Podio Items will update the GlobiMail cache when missing hook events from 3rd party applications.

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