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BCC Dropbox

When corresponding with contacts from your "Inbox", you can BCC the Unique App Address to attach the emails to the corresponding Podio Item.

The BCC Drop Box Address for each App can be found by hovering over the App or on the BCC Drop Box tab in the App Settings under 🎯Configuration Settings It is set in the format

Matched on the first external address, regardless of designation in the To, From or CC line. Be sure that your team is configured under 🗳️Team List to determine internal or external. Contact Location Mapping must also be set in the App Settings as GlobiMail uses this address to match the email to the correct Podio Item.

Set the App Settings under 🎯Configuration Settings to adjust what happens when emails are received at this BCC Drop Box address.

By Default, if no matching contact is found, an Error will be generated and an Email Notification sent so that you can create the contact manually.

  • Create New Items? to have new items created when an unknown Contact is received.
    • OR Add .NEW to the Unique Email Address to ALWAYS force a new Item creation.

  • Notify if no Contact Found? to turn OFF the Email Notifications

If you have multiple Podio Items with the same contact email address, the email will attach to the Most Recently Created Item.

  •  Attach to All? to attach the incoming email to ALL Podio Items matching the contact email.

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