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Email Logs & Troubleshooting

Emails are available in the logs for 24 hours. Select from the log types below:

Set up the 📨Email Archive to view full emails at any time.

Activity Log

All Sent and Received emails are shown in the Activity Log. Emails that cannot be routed to an Item, will show an error.

Common Log Errors

Error Code 13~Subject Tag not found but Required The Solution: GlobiMail requires a Unique Subject Tag when turning OFF 🗺️Email Address Mapping to be able to determine which item it should be associated with upon return. This tag will be automatically added when you compose any new message from a reply link.

Error Code 14~No Valid APP Found The Solution: Ensure the Unique Email is correct in the Connected Apps. Simply hover over your connected Apps from the Apps page to see the BCC Address.

Error Code 16~No Valid ITEM Found The Solution: Verify there is an item in the App with an Email matching the From Address. Check your contact mapping from the Apps page. If a match is verified in the App, you may need to 🏜️Reload Podio Items

Update the 🎯Configuration Settings under BCC Drop Box to Create New Items when no match is found. 

Error Code 20~Email message Body was empty The Solution: Ensure there is content in the Email body. For forwarded messages, be sure your Signature is not added. The first line should be ---Original Message---

Error Code 22~Duplicate Forwarded by Tag Rule The Solution: Change your forwarding filter to only forward incoming emails to GlobiMail. If you are forwarding your outgoing as well, we will receive it as a duplicate and throw this error.

Spam Complaints

This log will contain any emails that are reported as spam by the recipient.

Each complaint will remove 1 star from your rating for 14 days. See your dashboard for rating.

This will affect your delivery rate. If you drop below 3 stars, your emails are sent from our secondary server so that your complaints do not have the ripple effect onto other users.

Spam Quarantine

These emails get caught in the spam trap and need to be reviewed.

See 📐SPAM Quarantine for more details.

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