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When using πŸ“šEmail Templates, HTML blast emails can be easily sent to any Podio View of contacts using the πŸ“¨Campaign Manager. Templates also integrate with πŸ”Podio Workflow Automation, which allows you to build workflows for all scenarios.

Learn more about creating a Podio View in the Podio help.

Email Marketing can be a powerful tool to promote your brand and engage with your leads but if not done correctly, can harm your sending reputation.

Sender Reputation

When using GlobiMail, outgoing emails are sent from our server and we monitor account reputations closely. Your Reputation shows on the GlobiMail landing page under your plan subscription. Maintaining a strong email reputation score is key to optimizing your marketing efforts.

When sending emails to contacts, even as a legitimate sender, you may receive spam complaints. They may not have been able to identify you, not want your content anymore or they could just be having a bad day. Unfortunately, these complaints still harm the Sending Reputation of the senders’ IP address, the deliverability rates, or can even get us blocked by ISPs.

Spam Complaints

In order to ensure a strong reputation for all accounts, we take spam these complaints seriously.

Each spam complaint removes one (1) star from your rating.

If the account drops below three (3) stars, it is moved to our secondary server so that the negative sending reputation does not affect other customers.

Each star is removed for fourteen (14) days, allowing your account to rebuild its ISP reputation. During this time, you may have lower deliverability rates

Free Email Providers like Gmail and Outlook have been strengthening their spam rules, making email marketing a bit more complex. When you send emails from a 3rd party service, the envelope sender will always be from that service.

If you are new to Email Marketing, check out SendGrid's Best Practice Tips for tips on setting up your emails and managing your email list.

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