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Transaction Emails & External Links

Transactional Emails are automated emails sent to a recipient based on events and interactions with your service rather than a marketing campaign.

Some examples of transactional emails are:

Transactional Templates are only sent via Podio Workflow Automation. To send template emails manually from the compose browser, use 📚Boilerplates

Create Email Buttons - External Links

Podio Workflow Automation (PWA) allows you to create External Link workflows to create intelligent buttons to automate actions when clicked from within the email.

First, create the External Link flow as per the above link. Then, use the Update Item to update a multi-line text field in the App, for example, on an Item Create flow.

Set up the Template

Next, we need to create the Transactional Template under 📚Email Templates.

When creating content, click Personalize to add Merge Tags to the email.

Send Email Workflow

Now create the flow to send the email in Podio Workflow Automation (PWA).

First, create Custom Variables to format the data returned in your fields for the Merge Tags.

Then, add the Remote Post - GlobiMail Template action and select the created Template.

Be sure to have the GlobiMail 🔌Browser Plugin installed for ease of use.

Click (Show All) to open all the fields available in the template and enter the field tokens.


The result sends the email with the formatted field data. When the recipient clicks the confirmation button, the External Link flow triggers the item status changes, triggering more actions.

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