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INBOX - a centralized mailbox

The goal of GlobiMail is to keep conversations on their respective item, keeping the thread intact.

However, there are a few different ways to set up Podio and GlobiMail to create an Inbox type app to receive each new email as a new Item in Podio.

View our example on the Pushing Podio Blog:

Incorporate ALL emails into Podio
Using GlobiMail along with GlobiFlow and ProcFu, easily manage all your emails in Podio. The goal is to get all emails into a dedicated Podio App, creating a New Item for each. Then, automatically add a Contact Relationship to the email item for easy reference of conversations.

See a video example by Jordan at Gamechangers who specializes in Podio setups:

Gamechangers Email Integration w/ Globimail
This video will demonstrate the standard email integration we have developed in order to bring all of your employee's email into Podio and link it across you...

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